About Me

 It's hard to get a full picture of who someone is over the internet, but let me tell you a little about myself and Ted Said Productions. I have been interested in and surrounded by music for my entire life. I have several family members who have made their careers in the Industry, so it just naturally happened that I would follow suit. I began as a guitarist/vocalist, performing in several bands and lending my services to bands that needed a guitar player. As I began recording my own music, my interest in getting that "just right" cutting edge sound began to grow. I began reading and experimenting in the recording and live sound arenas until I decided to pursue an education and career in Audio Engineering. I attended SAE in Nashville, Tennessee, and due to it's location in the hub of the music industry, gained valuable experience in many different music genres. I have been privilaged to record some great bands on SSL and Neve consoles, as well as operate soundboards for live venues ranging from the basics to elaborate setups. Without trying to sound boastful, I think that the samples of my work and the reviews on my website speak for themselves, and I am confident that I have chosen a field where I can provide artists with the highest quality sound, and even take your work to another level.

Ted Said Productions is named in homage to the biggest musical influence on my life, my late uncle, Dave "Amazon Ted" McCaskell. He was a prolific songwriter and rhythm guitarist, and encouraged me to dedicate my all to the talents I was given. You got it...here I am, what I am, because of what "Ted Said!" 

I look forward to working with you on your next recording project, handling your live sound needs, and even touring on your next roadtrip. Together...we can take your music to the top!